Patty Hudak

In the Details, Patty.Hudak, photo by Tanja Houwerzijl
photo by Tanja Houwerzijl

After living for 12 years in colossal Asian cities, I have spent the last year living on the edge of a forest. With the intensity of city life in my past, I have had to battle with the realities of self doubt, mental chatter, and other pieces of anxiety that I have brought here with me. 

My artwork is concerned with expressing the space between my human anxiety and the wisdom I am trying to uncover from the natural forms around me. The forest is chaotic.  The trees are broken and bent, there are too many branches to draw. There is a seeming randomness of the direction of lines, forms, and space in the forest.  Yet, underneath the confusion is a logic of the patterns which have been formed by weather, disease, fertility, animal and human impact, among many other forces.

In the near future, my hope is that we return to a distant past– to a world where we will live in harmony with nature, rather than dominating nature. By responding and investigating our environment, it may give us the answers we need to survive on this planet.

Winter Shadows

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